Howdy! We're sure glad you stopped by. We're the DFW Rally Cats of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association (GWRRA). Motorcycle enthusiasts we are, and dedicated to the GWRRA motto "Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge". We sure hope you'll check out our website, and hopefully you'll feel compelled to come join us on one of our many adventures. All riders are welcome! See ya soon!



1/2 Kroll Chuck
1/4 Hank Hetrick
1/4 Joseph Levengood
1/23 Kurt Frey
1/26 Murray Allen
1/28 Gillian Allen


1/10 Tony and Pam Senia
1/12 Herb and Gini Parsons
1/12 Leonard and Glenda Reiter
1/21 Fred and Mandy Mew

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Meet us at Fuddruckers!
Meet us at Fuddruckers!
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